Boy with Dengue Fever

Date: 2014
Location: Sulaymaniyah – Iraq / Kausar Nagar – Bangalore – Karnataka

I was in Sulaymaniyah to have a hernia operation when dervishes from Kausar Nagar in the city of Bangalore in India rang me. The distance between Sulaymaniyah and Bangalore is over four thousand kilometres. They told me about a boy who had dengue fever, who was in the Apollo hospital, and asked me to pray for him using the dhikr that the Shaikh had granted me permission to read. I asked them to prepare a glass of water and put the mobile phone on top of the glass. I asked them to turn on the speakerphone because I was going to say “hello” to let them know when I had finished reciting the dhikr, so that we could speak afterwards. After I finished the dhikr the dervishes told me that the water started to boil when I was reciting the dhikr. I asked them to give the water to the patient to drink and, Allah willing, he will recover. After one day, the boy fully recovered and left hospital.

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