Messenger from the Prophet

Date: 2/11/2012
Location: Kausar Nagar – Bangalore – Karnataka

My living place consisted of a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom, built on the roof of a house. The roof overlooked the lower floor and a side road, and there were two main roads to the right and left. At 10:50am, I heard a very beautiful voice calling in the Iraqi dialect: “Desire for sale! Lust for sale! Soul for sale! Vagaries for sale!” I thought an Indian who had learned Arabic by working in the Gulf was trying to pull my leg. I rushed to see the person who spoke to me in Arabic in India but I could not find anyone on the roof. I looked down at the side road but it was completely empty; there were no salespeople or any people around at all, although it is usually overcrowded at this time of the day. I thought some roadworks might have prevented the merchants’ vehicles from coming through, which is why there were no buyers either. But when I checked, I couldn’t see any roadworks. Furthermore, I noticed that the two main roads were as busy as they usually are at that time of the day. Yet the side road looked like it had not been used for twenty years, as if what was happening was dominating the place.

As I was about to walk back to my room, I heard the same voice call: “here, here.” It was coming from a tall tree that oversees the house. When I raised my head, I saw in the tree, about one and a half to two metres away, an extremely beautiful bird the size of a partridge. Its colour was a stunning green, but it was not a familiar green colour. Its wings were blue, the top of its head phosphorous dark green, and its beak and legs orange. In visions, at times, one sees a colour that looks familiar but is nevertheless different. I was stunned, and wondered if the voice could have come from the bird. The bird was silent and in a state of terrifying stillness. It bowed its head slowly until its beak was in my direction, then it shook its head left and right making a negatory sign and said: “We will not leave you alone.” The bird then flew in the direction of the qibla. My legs could not carry me any longer, and I collapsed and lost consciousness. After waking up, I prostrated in thankfulness to God.

In the night, the Shaikh contacted me through his servant and asked if I had had anything happen to me that day. I said that something very strange had occurred. When he asked about it, I started telling the servant, who was in turn passing on my words to the Shaikh. When the servant told the Shaikh that I saw a bird, the Shaikh interrupted him saying: “This is a messenger from the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam) to him to strengthen his heart.”

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