Possessed People

Date: 23/10/2012
Location: Kaveripattinam – Krishnagiri – Tamil Nadu

An affliction inexplicably broke out in the village. The person with this condition produces voices like the hissing of snakes, their skin becomes a pale yellowish colour, they lose their mind, and they lose control of urination and defecation. One person from that village whom I had given the pledge to five months earlier came to see me. He said: “My brother and I have not got this condition, but the other ten members of my twelve-person family and all of our neighbours have it.” I asked him how long they have been suffering from this condition, to which he replied: “About a month.” I asked him if they had seen the doctors, which he confirmed. He said that they have a children’s doctor in the village but that the doctor had also fallen victim to this condition. He claimed that this condition was not a medical illness but some kind of madness caused by evil spirits. When I asked him who told him that, he mentioned a fortune-teller.

I asked him to prepare a place and a quantity of water before I visited him. After he got in touch with me the following morning I made my way to the village. I asked him to bring the patients to me one at a time. I gave each of them the pledge and washed their head with the water after I read a special dhikr over it, which the Shaikh had taught me, which invokes the madad of the chain of the Shaikhs of the Ṭarīqa. After washing the person’s head with the water, they became stable. I gave the pledge to forty-two people. The following day some of them visited me at home, having fully recovered, and thanked the Shaikh.

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