The Pledge Purifies the Heart of a Convert from Hinduism

Date: 30/12/2012
Location: Saraipalya – Bangalore – Karnataka

A Hindu man visited me today. He said: “Five years ago I became a Muslim at the hand of a Muslim man from the mosque. But I have not benefited anything from Islam. I still drink alcohol and worship my old god and the other Hindu gods. What is the point in Islam if it does not change me?” I said: “That is right, but do all Hindus have the same creed?” He replied: “No.” I said: “Are all equally committed to God?” He also replied in the negative. I said: “This is the case with all other religions. I will now give you proof in front of people.”

I asked several times for madad from the Shaikh and then asked him to give me his hand to give him the pledge. As I do when I give the pledge, I asked him to close his eyes, and I closed mine, and then I started reciting the pledge. He became like an innocent child, like a meek lamb. He started crying as I was reading the pledge. After the completion of the pledge, he said loudly: “Allah, Allah.” His wife and friends asked him about what happened. He replied: “This man has washed my heart. I now feel like an angel, not a human being.” As a result, another two Hindus embraced Islam.

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