Crying Sick Child

Date: 3/11/2012
Location: Saraipalya – Bangalore – Karnataka

I gave the pledge on the land of the takya[1] to eighteen people, including a woman who was carrying her sick one-year-old child. He had stopped suckling for two days and would not stop crying. I gave him water after reading over it what my Shaikh had taught me. He was immediately cured.


[1] “Takya” is the place of worship of the Ṭarīqa. The Kurdish origin of this term is the two words “tak kah” which mean “one” and “place,” respectively. “Takya” then means “the place of practicing the oneness of God.” Other common names for “takya” include “khāniqāh” and “zāwiya.” I have used the expression “land of the takya” to refer to the place of the takya in Bangalore before it was built, as it was only a fenced piece of land. The building of the takya started at the end of 2013.

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