Dying Little Girl

Date: 2012
Location: Kaveripattinam – Krishnagiri – Tamil Nadu

I saw in a dream ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan introduce a five- or six-year-old girl to me. He said: “Son, take care of her!” I did not pay much attention to the dream but it remained on my mind. After two or three weeks, I saw the Shaikh with the girl for the second time. This time he said: “Her name is Mariam; take care of her.” After the second dream, I started to ask whenever I went out preaching whether any person in the audience had a girl called Mariam who may be in need of treatment. After about one and a half months, the dream recurred for the third time. This time the Shaikh said: “Mariam is ill; read the so-and-so dhikr seventy times.”

At this point, I decided to inform the Shaikh. I told him that I have seen a dream three times in around two months in which he informed me of a sick Mariam and instructed me to pray for her using that dhikr seventy times. The Shaikh said: “Offer this dhikr to your Shaikhs first. Mariam is on her way to you.” I continued to ask in every preaching journey, before I started speaking, whether any one in the audience had a daughter called “Mariam.”

One day I was on a preaching tour and, as usual, before I started speaking, I asked about the girl. I repeated the question two or three times, at which point a tall brown woman stood up and said she had a daughter called “Sanā Mariam.” This family is related to the people in whose house we were. When I asked about her, the mother said that the girl had been ill for three months. She did not know what was wrong with the child, but she had a high fever. She had taken her to several doctors, including some in Bangalore, but they could not diagnose her illness. The girl was so ill that her mother had been putting drops of water in her mouth and had laid her in the direction of the qibla in Mecca expecting her to die. I asked her to bring the girl. They lived two or three houses away from the house in which I was speaking.

Mariam bore similarities in age and looks to the girl I saw in the dreams. When I put her on my lap her body felt as hot as a stove, so much so that I started sweating. I asked for water in an unused container. Mariam’s family gave me a bowl that they had brought from Medina and put water in it. I recited the dhikr of the Shaikh seventy times over the water while Mariam was on my lap. I then helped her drink the water. I told the people: “She will sleep, so put her in another room.”

I then started my preaching speech which lasted for about an hour. After I finished, forty five people took the pledge, then the landlord invited us for lunch. As soon as we went to have lunch, Mariam came running like a homing pigeon, threw herself on me, and started eating with us. As a result of this karāma, another twenty five to thirty people took the pledge. When I informed the Shaikh about what happened, he said: “If three people witness an event it is considered “successive” (mutawātir),[1] yet this was seen by sixty!” He added: “This may not necessarily have an impact now but will do in the future.”

I have taken several photos of Mariam: when she was ill on my lap, when she started eating, and when she had fully recovered.


[1] The term “successive” (mutawātir) was coined by Muslim scholars to describe any report that was witnessed by several reliable witnesses. For instance, all of the Qur’anic text is considered to be “successive” because every verse was transmitted by a number of Companions of the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam), whereas not all Prophetic traditions are successive.

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