Woman in Need of Nasal Surgery

Date: 19/10/2012
Location: Bangarapet – Karnataka

About a week ago, I was in a very poor village when a woman came to me crying and said:

I have a pain in my nose. The doctors say that it requires an operation that costs thirty thousand rupees, yet I can hardly get by and my husband is unemployed.

I gave her the pledge. Today she came back looking very happy and told me this:

I saw in a dream the Shaikh replacing my nose with another. When I woke up, I found drops of blood and snot on my nose and on the pillow. I am now very well.

She went to her doctor and told him that she has been healed. The doctor asked her if she received treatment from other doctors, which she denied. He asked her about what happened, and she told him that he may or may not believe her. He still wanted to know. She told him something along these lines:

I took the pledge of the Ṭarīqa from a man who had come from Baghdad and is a caliph of a Shaikh. The Shaikh visited me in my dream and performed an operation in which he cut off and replaced my nose.

The doctor argued that this is unbelievable because it is mythical, whereas medicine is based on science. The woman replied:

This is what happened. The paranormal nature of my healing is confirmed by the fact that the last x-ray of my nose was taken only four days ago. You asked me to come back to see you after you gave me drops for my nose. You also know that my nose has been blocked by a bone from birth.

I asked her if she had seen a photo of ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan to which she answered in the negative. When I showed her his photo, she jumped at it and started kissing it. She confirmed that it was him who healed her in her dream. I asked her about the language in which the Shaikh spoke to her, and she said it was Urdu.

I have taken photos of the woman and also filmed my conversation with her. I have x-rays from both before and after the healing.

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