Fatal Magic

Date: 8/12/2012
Location: Tamil Nadu

I decided to go to preach in a certain village, but before going there, my chest was so strained that I could hardly breathe, although I had not stopped performing the dhikrs and invocations of madad that the Shaikh had instructed me to. I even considered postponing the trip to the village. I and all twenty-two men with me were in the middle of a spiritual exercise. I said to the person who prepares the food for our visit that I would only have bread and cucumber because I was coming to preach, not to enjoy food.

When I arrived, they brought a wreath of flowers to put on my head, but the wreath appeared to me like a large snake. I felt apprehensive, and spontaneously asked loudly for madad saying “O Shaikh Muḥammad!”, and I threw the flowers on the floor. Numerous small worms, each with a white body and a black head, came out of the wreath. The scene scared all those present. I asked for the place to be hoovered to clean it so that we could start the preaching. I did not give the wreath issue any more attention. I gave the pledge to twenty-eight people, including two Hindus, and then returned home.

The person who organized the gathering later rang me to say that he would like to visit me the following day accompanied by a man who had something to tell me. I welcomed their visit. But he called again and said: “Caliph, I cannot wait until tomorrow. The man who would like to visit you had performed black magic on the flowers to kill you on the spot. But the magic has turned against him, as he has become a believer. He would like to come and show repentance in front of you, so that you forgive him.” I said: “Allah forgives all sins” (39.53). The people who were with me wanted me to ask him about who asked him to do the magic, but I told them that Allah forgives what happened and that the matter was now closed. The man came indeed. He turned out to be a Hindu, so he embraced Islam. I later heard that it was a group of Salafis[1] who had become aware of my planned visit and had asked him to prepare the magic.


[1] The term “Salafi” is supposed to refer to a person who follows the example of the early generations of Muslims, but in reality it denotes someone who advocates an unhistorical narrow interpretation of Islam.

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