Women Who Had Abandoned the Prayer

Date: 2/1/2013
Location: Tamil Nadu

I went to an area that was largely Muslim, but its people had a poor understanding and practice of Islam. I gathered people in the house of one of the dervishes. Twelve veiled women came to see me. I felt uncomfortable so I asked for madad from the Shaikh. After the sermon, I said to them: “My sisters, which one of you is the most truthful?” There was no reply. I said: “If I mentioned to you a fact would you believe it?” They replied in the affirmative. I said: “Without a sense of embarrassment?” They confirmed again. I said to those present:

O brothers, be witnesses on this! These women, with the exception of the following two have never prayed before. One of the two women has now abandoned the prayer for a reason she knows.

All the women lowered their heads. Someone then asked them: “Is what the caliph says true?” The women answered in the affirmative. One of the two said:

I am the one who abandoned the prayer a few days ago for a certain reason. I promise Allah that I will repent at the hand of this man.

All twelve women took the pledge, in addition to nine of the men who were present.

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