Jinns in a House

Date: 20/9/2014
Location: Kausar Nagar – Bangalore – Karnataka

A family came to see me complaining about the presence of jinns in their house. I said to them:

My duty is to tell you to take the pledge and teach you how to perform the dhikrs, and also to pray to Allah to protect you, show mercy to you, and remove any evil that has touched you. This is where my duty ends and the duty of my and your master, Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan, starts.

I then gave them printouts of the dhikrs and chain. Two days later, one of them and his two sisters came to seem me. One of the sisters said:

I saw in a dream a man who said to me: “Start by reciting the dhikr of ‘la ilāha illā Allah, Muḥammadun rasūlu Allah’ for one hundred and fifty thousand times.” I said: “Who are you for me to take orders from you?” He replied: “I am your Shaikh, Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan, the Shaikh of the human beings and the jinns.”

The physical descriptions of the man that the woman gave also matched those of the Shaikh. I told her: “Congratulations on seeing ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad in a dream! Would you recognize him if you saw him?” She replied in the affirmative, so I showed her three photos, one of ḥaḍrat Shaikh Ḥussein al-Kasnazān, another of ḥaḍrat Shaikh ʿAbd al-Karīm al-Kasnazān, and a third of ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan. She pointed to the latter and said: “This is the person who came to me in the dream.” I said: “That is right, congratulations! Start with the dhikr that the Shaikh ordered you to perform. When you complete it, start with the first of the permanent dhikrs of the Ṭarīqa.”

When I informed the Shaikh in the evening he asked about what I told the woman to do. I said that I asked her to start with the dhikr that the Shaikh ordered her to do in the dream. He approved of what I said to her and said: “May Allah bless you.”

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