Juice Turns a Hindu’s Enmity to Islam into a Desire to Embrace It

Date: 22/10/2012
Location: Saraipalya – Bangalore – Karnataka

There were eighteen persons in the takya, including a Hindu man. The latter was angry because his cousin had embraced Islam the previous day. He was agitated when he came to ask about what we do. He said accusingly: “What is it that you did yesterday?” I invited him to sit and presented him with some juice that I had been given earlier. I asked him to drink it while I was asking for madad from the Shaikh. As soon as he tasted the juice, he looked at the container. He kept on drinking and looking with surprise at the container. He then asked: “What kind of juice is this?” I replied: “I do not know its ingredients, but it is made in India. It had just been given to me as a present which I presented to you.” He asked whether I had added anything to it, but the container was sealed and it was he who opened it. He went on to say: “Trust me, I have never tasted juice like this before.” I said: “Look at the container; isn’t it similar to other containers?” He said: “Yes, but this is different from what is in the market.” He then said:

I feel all the anger inside me towards you has gone. I did not believe in what you were teaching, but I feel now as if I have drunk faith. How can I become like my cousin?”

I gave him the pledge and he embraced Islam by the blessings of the Shaikh.

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