Man Who Was Punished with Blindness Sees Again

Date: 5/12/2012
Location: Saraipalya – Bangalore – Karnataka

A blind man came to me and told me the following:

I said bad things about Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan, and went to bed while thinking of that. In the dream a man came to me, stretched out his hand, and said: “Give me your vision.” I said: “How can I give you my vision?” He clenched his fist, so I woke up scared, and discovered that I had lost my sight.

 The blind man described the man who took his sight. He resembled ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan. He also said that the Shaikh spoke to him in his language. I told the man: “I will give you the pledge, and Allah willing, the Shaikh will not turn down my request. You must consider this proof.” He replied: “I repent to Allah. I am someone who prays, so I am not a disbeliever, but I insulted one of the Walīs of Allah. I repent to Allah now.” I mentioned to him the saying of the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam) in which he declares that Allah’s enemies are those who steal the property of the orphans and those who show enmity to Allah’s Walīs. The man repeated his repentance. I recited a dhikr that the Shaikh had given me permission to use over water. Glory be to Allah, I have found this dhikr to be useful for curing various illnesses and solving all kinds of problems. I asked him to put drops of the water in his eyes. I also gave him my head cover to wrap around his eyes, while I was asking for madad[1] from the Shaikh.

I asked the man to sleep. When he woke up after an hour, he could see a little light. I left him and went to another village, where I gave the pledge to twenty-one people. After returning at sunset, the blind man came to me, having had his vision restored by the favour of the Shaikh. He made me and those present cry by what he had to say. He thanked the Shaikh for giving him back his sight.


[1] The Arabic term madad means “help” or “support.” In Sufism, it refers to the paranormal help and intervention of the Shaikh of the Ṭarīqa using the spiritual powers that Allah gave him. This technical use of the term is of Qur’anic origin: “When you [O you who believe!] asked your Lord for help, so He responded to you [saying]: ‘I am mumiddukum (giving you the madad) of one thousand angels in succession’” (8.9).

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