Over Two Hundred Dengue Fever Patients

Date: 5/11/2012
Location: Bangalore – Karnataka

Less than two weeks ago, I sent a caliph to give the pledge to a woman who was ill in hospital with dengue fever. I also gave him water for the patient to drink, after I read over it the special dhikr that the Shaikh had allowed me to use. Ten days later, the woman came to see me, having fully recovered, and kissed where my foot stood. She said she will go for ʿUmra (the lesser pilgrimage to Mecca) to fulfil a vow she made for her recovery. I recorded an interview with her in which she discussed her recovery.

We then published details of this karāma on YouTube, including photos of the woman in hospital taking the pledge and after she recovered. We mentioned that Ṭarīqa Kasnazāniyya promises to treat anyone who has dengue fever, provided they take the pledge. This is not confined to Muslims but also to non-Muslims who are willing to take the pledge and embrace Islam. We published the address to contact us. As a result, we successfully treated two hundred and ten people with the disease. 

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