Man with Crippling Illness

Date: 20/11/2012
Location: Sudhama Nagar – Bangalore – Karnataka

A man with a drip in his arm and carried by two men came to visit me. He was in pain and could not walk. The doctors could not diagnose his illness, but there was a possibility that that it was the beginning of dengue fever. As he was approaching me, his face looked to me like a pig’s face and his body looked full of worms. I instructed him to sit away from me, and then I asked him: “How many times have you prayed in your life?” The man replied: “I perform the Friday prayer every other week, and I do my daily prayer when I am in need.” At this point, the two men who brought him stood up and said to him: “Then you have been deceiving us all this time, claiming that you have performed the pilgrimage to Allah’s House?” His lies were exposed. He said: “By Allah, I do not know what happened.” I said to him: “Repent to Allah,” so he said: “There is no God save Allah.” I gave him the pledge, and he immediately stood up on his own and cried a lot.

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