Man with Kidney Failure

Date: 28/9/2013
Location: Tumkur – Karnataka

A man came to me and said: “I will not leave this door until you promise me that I will be cured of my disease.” One of his kidneys had failed and both of his legs down to the feet were swollen. I found myself in a state I could not understand, but I cried a lot and begged ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan. I said to the man: “You will be cured, Allah willing, by the blessing of the Shaikh.” The man had been told by the doctors not to drink more than one glass of water a day, but I gave him a one-litre bottle of water, asked him to drink it, and told him that I will still be in town the following day. I gave him the pledge and told him to ask for madad from the Shaikh. He came the following day and said: “By Allah, this Shaikh is great…” He paused, asked Allah for forgiveness, and then continued saying: “Had the Messenger of Allah not said ‘there will be no Prophet after me’ I would have said that this Shaikh (meaning Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan) is the Prophet of this nation.” He then told me about what happened. After he arrived home, the water that I had given him to drink started to have an effect. He went to the toilet and passed water after not being able to urinate for three weeks in a row.

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