Prognostic Dream about Taking the Pledge

Date: 1/12/2013

Location: Sudhapur – Bangalore – Karnataka

I gave the pledge to fifty-one people, including some whose Shaikh had died. When I asked one of them if he wanted to take the pledge, this is what he said:

By Allah, for a year now I have been asking everyday Shaikh ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Gaylānī that I take a Qādirī[1] pledge from a Ghawth or a deputy of a Ghawth. I used to think that my previous Shaikh was one of the Poles (Quṭbs).[2] I have seen blessings from him, even if little, but they are nevertheless blessings as he was a caliph of a Qādirī Ṭarīqa and my Shaikh and guide. One week ago I saw in a dream that I took the pledge from a man who came from Baghdad. But I forgot the dream. When I heard of your visit, I came to see you. When I saw you I remembered the dream and thought: “If he offers me the pledge, I will take it.” So here I am, having come to you and having taken the pledge from you. Allah willing, it will be the last pledge.


[1] The term “Qādirī” means related to Shaikh ʿAbd al-Qādir al-Gaylānī. A “Qādirī pledge” means the pledge of a Ṭarīqa whose chain of Shaikhs goes back to Shaikh ʿAbd al-Qādir.

[2] The “Quṭb,” which literally means “Pole” is a very high spiritual station in Sufism.

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