Prognostic Dream about Taking the Pledge

Date: 25/10/2012
Location: Saraipalya – Bangalore – Karnataka

I was visited by a poor Muslim man who sells coconut water. After exchanging greetings, he asked me: “Why are you sitting here?” I replied: “This is my house, so it is me who should ask you about what has brought you here!” He smiled and said: “You are wise.” I returned the compliment: “It is rather you who are generous.” The man then brought four or five coconuts from his trolley, prepared them for drinking, and gave me one and the others to dervishes that were with me. I then invited him to take the pledge, at which point he said: “I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah, I swear by Allah, this is exactly what happened in a dream I saw three days ago.” This surprised me, so I asked him about his vision:

I came to this place and saw a man who looked like you sitting here. He was wearing a green cloth similar to yours. He asked me to come forward and take the pledge. I gave him an amount of money for the sacrifice of the Eid. So here I am coming to give you fifteen thousand rupees and take the pledge.

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