The Shaikhs’ Support for the Caliph

Date: 25/3/2015, Morning
Location: Delhi

This happened when I was on a preaching journey. Today I saw in a dream the Shaikh surrounded by mountains of rubbish. He was sitting, accompanied by a few people. My heart was full of sorrow for him, but he did not care about the rubbish that surrounded him. He gestured to me so I came quickly. He said:

Never mind: “He knows the secret and what is even more hidden” (20.7). I know you are sad because of the small number of people who are taking the pledge. I also know how difficult Delhi is. But continue to work, and I and another thirty-three Shaikhs[1] will keep our eyes on you.

He gave me a very beautiful ring and said: “Put it on,” which I did. It felt as if it had been made to fit precisely on my finger. I then woke up.


[1] As mentioned in the introduction about Ṭarīqa Kasnazāniyya, the first line of Shaikhs of the Ṭarīqa, which is that of the family of the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam), has thirty-four Shaikhs after the Prophet.

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