Phone Messages Instructing the Caliph to Go to an Unknown Place

Date: 28/3/2015
Location: Salempur – Delhi

Ten days ago, I saw in a dream that I had received a text message on my mobile phone. The message arrived from a private number and consisted only of one word: “Come!” Four days later, I saw in a dream a second text message with the following text: “ʿImād, come!” Baffled and unsure what to do, I only informed caliph Zakariyya. Who is sending these messages? Where am I supposed to go?

The message was repeated in a voice call yesterday. The voice was like the Shaikh’s, but it was not his. The voice said: “ʿImād, come to al-Wardiyya!” I started thinking about whether the Shaikh wanted me to return, because the only place called “al-Wardiyya” I knew of was an area in Iraq.

It occurred to me yesterday to go to Jaipur, which is about 260 km from Delhi. I did not tell the Shaikh about this journey. I went to do some preaching, as I felt psychologically drained in Delhi. A caliph called ‘Ᾱsaf accompanied me. On our way, ‘Ᾱsaf asked me if I knew Bangalore’s nickname, to which I replied in the negative. He said: “Green City.” He then asked me about the nickname of the city of Jaipur, which I also did not know. He said: “Pink City.” Despite his attempts to explain the meaning of the name to me, I could not understand it, as I do not know English. But the meaning became clear to me when we arrived at the city and I saw the colour pink everywhere. At this point, I realized that it was the city that the mobile messages talked about it, as the feminine name “al-Wardiyya” means “the pink one.”[1] As a result of this and subsequent visits, there are now thousands of dervishes in Jaipur.


[1] In 1876, the Mahraja of Jaipur painted the whole city in pink to welcome the visit of the British crown prince, as pink is the colour of hospitality. The city has maintained its pink colour since.

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