The Shaikhs’ Support for the Preaching Dervish

Date: 2011
Location: Bangalore – Karnataka

When ḥaḍrat Shaikh Muḥammad al-Kasnazan sends someone to preach, he supports them with spiritual powers and blessings. When he sent me to India, he said to me:

Go, and I and thirty-three Shaikhs, from the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam), are behind you.

In every preaching trip I feel as strong as a walking mountain. At times I used to be scared of myself, because the blessings used to make me feel like a lion. I never felt afraid of anyone or anything.

In each visit to India, I stay about six months. After the end of my second or third visit, while I was at the airport waiting to fly back and some caliphs and dervishes came to bid me farewell, something strange happened. When I went through the body security scanner, it went off. As usual in such circumstances, the officer asked me to go back and remove any metallic objects I had on me. Indeed, I found a key that I had forgotten in my pocket. When I went through the scanner again, I felt all that paranormal power leave me. It felt as if it was withdrawn from me. I recounted this karāma to the Shaikh in the presence of many scholars who were visiting him and asked him about its interpretation. He said:

This is the spiritual power of the Shaikhs. They give it to you when you need it and they withdraw it when you need it no more.

The Shaikh refers here to the dervish’s need for this spiritual power when performing the duty of preaching. Among the sayings of the Shaikh that confirms this fact is the following:

When I send someone to preach, I vest on him the rank of Pole.

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