The Ṭarīqa Improves the Life of a Disabled Person

Date: 16/8/2014
Location: Belgaum – Karnataka

Last year I went to Belgaum where I gave the pledge to a number of people. There was a family that consisted of a grandfather, mother, father, sons, and one daughter who had taken the pledge of Ṭarīqa Junaidiyya. One of the sons was a young man who was disabled from birth. His hands were folded behind his back, his legs were twisted, and he could only move his head, but he was intelligent and spoke fluently. I was surprised when I saw that he was the size of a doll despite being seventeen years old. I thought to myself: “What can I do for this child? O Lord, do not embarrass me; O Shaikh, do not embarrass me, for the sake of the Prophet (ṣallā Allah ʿalaihi wa sallam)!”

After they have all taken the pledge, the disabled youth said to me: “Can the Ṭarīqa change my life?” I said: “If you are truthful in your dealings with Allah, then yes, the Ṭarīqa will completely change your life.” He asked: “How?” I said:

This is in the hand of “the One who can do anything He wants” (2.253), not in my hand. I am no more than a courier who carries messages. Having taken the pledge, if you and your family be truthful, Allah will change your life, because He says: “Allah does not change the state of a people until they change themselves” (13.11).

When I returned to Belgaum this year, I was pleasantly surprised to find this youth and all of his family among the people who had gathered to take the pledge from me. After all took the pledge, he asked me if he could speak, so I gave him permission. He said:

Last year, the caliph came from Baghdad and I asked him to change my life. He said that it is Allah who will change your life if you change the way you deal with him. I and all of my family took the pledge from caliph ʿImād, and we continued to perform the dhikrs. After four months, during which we were competing over who finished the dhikrs first, the commission for disabled people in Karnataka visited me at home. They said: “We have chosen you to represent Karnataka in Britain.” My visit to Britain was funded by the state. They tested my computer skills and my skills to make electric transformers, and I won a contest. I also showed them how I could swim, which both surprised and delighted them. They awarded me a gold medal and five thousand dollars. Furthermore, the Chief Minister of Karnataka gave me a house in my name in Belgaum. This is the power of Ṭarīqa Kasnazāniyya and its dhikrs and Shaikhs. Yes, it has changed my and my family’s lives.

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